Investor Spotlight: How I Landed a Large Multifamily as My First Investment (& Why I’ve Never Looked Back) Featuring Evan Holladay

November 13, 2020

Investor Spotlight: How I Landed a Large Multifamily as My First Investment (& Why I’ve Never Looked Back) Featuring Evan Holladay  Evan Holladay was a pre-med student in college when he discovered real estate investing. A mentorship with one of the top affordable housing developers confirmed his interest and led to his first deal—a (casual) $29 […]


Secrets of Successful Landlords: 8 Things Profitable Landlords Do Differently

November 6, 2020

Remen OkoruwaExpertise: Landlording & Rental Properties Being a successful  landlord means more than collecting rent from your tenants. Sure, rental income is your primary source of cash flow. But making a healthy profit as a landlord requires managing properties and tenants properly. Even the way you collect rent from tenants can affect how profitable your business is. […]


How to Find the Right Property Manager for Your Out-of-State Rental

October 30, 2020

 Steve RozenbergExpertise: Landlording & Rental Properties Imagine receiving a $20,000 check to purchase a rental property. How about step-by-step guidance from some of the most experienced real estate investors in the industry? Well, that’s exactly what the Dream Investment Adventure Series is all about.   Follow along with our contest winner, Joe, and his journey of purchasing […]


Advantages of 18-Hour Cities for Real Estate Investors in 2020 (& Beyond)

October 23, 2020

Brent Hieggelke   The impact of COVID-19 on the economy is on the minds of everyone–politicians, business owners, and employees alike. The pandemic has forced us all to re-evaluate our priorities, including how we work, play, and plan for the future.   In the investment space, we have seen new trends arise, such as the value […]


Why Buy-and-Hold Is Such a Powerful Investing Strategy

October 16, 2020

Andrew SyriosExpertise: Mortgages & Creative Financing, Business Management, Landlording & Rental Properties, Commercial Real Estate, Real Estate Deal Analysis & Advice, Real Estate Investing Basics, Personal Development, Real Estate News & Commentary As I’ve noted before, the current market is not a particularly good one for newbies or for big moves by seasoned investors. But that […]


Regain Your Garage: Simple Tricks for Getting Organized

October 9, 2020

Regain Your Garage: Simple Tricks for Getting Organized BY BOBVILA.COM ON 29 AUG 2020 A thoughtful approach to garage storage makes the most of this valuable space and keeps every necessity at your fingertips. If your house is bursting at the seams, or simply short on storage options, the solution may be as close as your garage. To […]


7 Tips From a Pro to Start Investing in Real Estate Today

October 2, 2020

Brandon TurnerExpertise: Landlording & Rental Properties, Personal Development, Real Estate News & Commentary, Business Management, Flipping Houses, Mortgages & Creative Financing, Real Estate Deal Analysis & Advice, Real Estate Wholesaling, Personal Finance, Real Estate Marketing, AskBP, Real Estate Investing Basics How would you like to be fabulously wealthy and spend your days on a yacht […]


How to Avoid Over-Improving Properties (& Make Bigger Profits!)

September 25, 2020

Alexander Felice Beginners almost always over-improve their first properties. This leaves you with a very nice asset to look at, but it leaves profitability on the table.  I’m going to discuss how to know if you’re over-improving your properties when utilizing the BRRRR strategy. I want to explain it in a holistic manner, so that there […]


Scaling From Single Family to Commercial Real Estate

September 18, 2020

 Jesse Fragale Let’s talk about scaling in real estate, whether that means moving from no properties to single family or single family to commercial. In general, we’re just going to talk about taking your business to the next level.  To explain how scaling is possible and how to have the courage to take the plunge, I’m going […]


5 Ways to Find the Owner of a Seemingly Vacant Property

September 11, 2020

Anson Young When you’ve been in real estate for more than six months, you gain a superpower. There is no fanfare, no announcement or email from your local superhero association. You may not even realize it at first. It’s not x-ray vision or time travel or super strength. It’s the seemingly boring ability to spot an abandoned […]